From the Ground Up:
Gait Analysis - The Biomechanics Lab

Gait analysis is, to put it simply, a computerized study of how you stand, walk, or run - examining how you transfer your weight, with how much force and pressure on your feet. These measurements are sent directly to a computer, which then shows physicians two- and three-dimensional pictures of your movements. In addition, a slow-motion camera allows freeze-frame analysis for closer scrutiny of your walking or running movements.

We take this data, along with a physical examination, to determine your diagnosis and your best treatment options.

How Can Gait Analysis Help?

Since most foot or lower extremity pain begins on worsens with standing, walking, or running, gait analysis gives us a unique perspective and distinct advantage in diagnosing your problems. Gait analysis can, in many cases, reveal the source of your muscle, nerve, or skeletal problems, helping us identify what is causing pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.

Gait Analysis and Diabetes

At the Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Center, we focus on diagnosing and treating the unique conditions of diabetic patients, since diabetics often suffer from poor circulation and neuropathy (loss of feeling) in the feet. Both of these may lead to ulceration. A gait analysis is used to not only detect areas of pressure and potential ulceration but also aid in finding ways to prevent complications and reduce pressure areas in the feet.
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