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The Services Offered by Mount Joy Foot & Ankle

The services you’ll find at Mount Joy Foot & Ankle are the services you need the most—to relieve your pain, keep your feet in great health, and make you more comfortable. We participate with most major insurances, and we’re happy to answer your questions or make an appointment for you.

Foot & Ankle Services to Meet Your Needs

Orthotic Devices

Orthotics are prescribed to remedy an array of problems, and the type of orthotic prescribed depends on the foot type, shoe gear, activity level, and diagnosis. The goal is to control abnormal mechanics of the foot while supporting and cushioning to eliminate pain. Orthotics may also be prescribed to align the lower extremities to relieve knee, hip, and back pain. We will take an impression at our office and customize an orthotic device or shoe insert just for you.

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

Diabetic patients who are eligible for diabetic shoes and insoles coverage are encouraged to visit our shoe store inside our Frank Street office. We’ll measure your feet, place the order for your new shoes, and notify you of delivery within two weeks. If you meet specific criteria, you may qualify for one pair of shoes with protective insoles per year.

Protective Foot Products

Numerous products are available in our office and shoe store for the protection of hammertoes, bunions, and other areas of the foot and ankle. A variety of specially formulated creams and lotions are also available to relieve dry or cracked skin, callouses, diabetic feet, arthritis, and muscle pain.

Sports Injuries

Stress fractures and running injuries are just two reasons to see the doctor at Mount Joy Foot & Ankle. Additionally, you may be suffering from ailments that result from overuse or a genetic deformity of the foot or weakness in the ankle. We’ll get you back on the field, strong and ready for the next play.

Diabetic Foot Care

Neuropathy and Charcot Foot are two complications that you might experience if you have diabetes. Nerve damage and reduced circulation can result in further injury or infections that can make the loss of your toes or foot more likely. Or, that infection can spread to other parts of your body. We are experts in diabetic foot care, and we’re ready to share that expertise with you.

Foot Surgery

Whenever possible, we will do our best to relieve pain without surgery (that might involve a prescription for orthotics or physical therapy). But when surgery is needed, our board-certified surgeon will see that you have the absolute best care available so your hammertoe, bunion, flat feet, torn tendon, or neuroma is corrected.

Ankle Surgery

When tendonitis, a sprain, or a ligament tear compromises your ankle stability, it may only be a matter of time before a more problematic injury occurs. You can rely on our board-certified surgeon to correct what’s ailing your ankle so you can get back to life.

Wound Care

Foot wounds can be complicated. They need time to heal, but you also need to walk. That means regular pressure and rubbing, which can make healing virtually impossible. And if you’re a diabetic patient, this problem is compounded. Let the professionals at Mount Joy Foot & Ankle provide options for more effective healing of foot wounds.


Bunions aren’t just painful, they can make wearing your favorite shoes utterly impossible. We are prepared with everything from the most conservative, non-invasive treatments to bunion surgery.

Heel & Arch Pain

Foot pain makes it difficult to do just about everything. Heel or arch pain can be caused by flat feet, bone spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, injury, tendon dysfunction, and more. Let’s see what’s causing that pain so we can get you back on your feet.

Nail & Skin Care

Ailments like nail fungus, blisters, ingrown toenails, corns, and plantar warts not only affect the way your feet look, they can cause discomfort that keeps you from fully experiencing life. Our staff is filled with experts on these ailments, and we’re ready to help you keep your feet in great shape.